Priority for housing within the City of Stockholm city of Stockholm

You can apply for priority status for an apartment on exceptional medical or social grounds or if you feel under threat from someone. Priority is solely intended for individuals who are and have been resident and registered in the City of Stockholm, i.e. Stockholm Municipality, for at least two years.

The priority system is an important element within the Housing Agency, which we operate on behalf of the City Council in Stockholm. The rules regarding who can receive priority for housing are determined by the executive board of the Housing Agency.

All cases are considered on an individual basis and are confidential.

It is essential to be aware that a difficult housing situation is not considered grounds to apply for priority status. 

Consideration of application

In order for your application to be considered, it is essential that:

  • you have proven reasons for your present apartment not being suitable, for example, severe illness, mental, physical or social grounds or a serious threat.
  • you do not have the means to resolve the housing issue yourself, e.g. due to your queue time in the housing queue or lack of financial means to buy an apartment.
  • you have no housing-related debts.
  • you are registered and have been a resident of the City of Stockholm for at least two years.
  • you are registered as a housing applicant with the Stockholm Housing Agency. If not already registered, you can do this when applying for priority status. 

From application to decision

  1. You submit your priority application
    The priority application and certificate are submitted to the Housing Agency. Your application can be e-mailed or sent by post. Don’t forget to sign your application form, even if sending it by e-mail.


     Bostadsförmedlingen i Stockholm AB
              Box 7026
              121 07 Stockholm-Globen

  2. We confirm that we have received your application
    You will be contacted by a Housing Officer from the Housing Agency.
  3. We consider your application
    The Housing Officer considers your situation and your need for a new apartment. If necessary, we will contact your certificate signatories and previous landlords as well as conduct a credit check.
  4. We make a decision
    The Housing Officer will make a decision based on the established guidelines. You will receive a decision by post.

What happens next?

If you have been granted priority (approval)
If you have been granted priority status, you will be offered an apartment. 

If you have not been granted priority (rejection)
If you have not been granted priority status, it is possible to request a new review. Your request for a review can be submitted by e-mail or letter. A priority committee made up of politically appointed representatives will then make a decision.