How it works

Stockholm Housing Agency helps those searching for housing in the Stockholm region.  We allocate approximately 10,000 apartments each year.

There is high demand for housing, particularly apartments throughout the Stockholm region. In this market we provide easy and efficient allocation for our customers in the housing queue, based on queue duration.

Who can register as a housing applicant?

Everyone who has turned 18 years of age is welcome to register as a housing applicant. The cost is SEK 200 per year and you need a Swedish personal identity number or a co-ordination number. Your location or the fact that you already have housing does not matter.

Different forms of housing

We primarily allocate first-hand contracts but also individual short-term contracts. Here you can search among different types of housing based on your needs. We have special apartments for youths and students . The same applies for those who are above 55.

Search actively

You can search yourself and submit notices of interest for apartments which are advertised below Search apartment. Below The path to an apartment you can read about the various steps for your housing.

How long do I need to wait?

The queue durations for getting an apartment in the Stockholm region vary significantly. How quickly you will get an apartment depends on several factors. Among other things, where you want to reside, how many other applicants are interested in residing there and how much rent you are willing to pay. Below our statistics page you can search to see, for example, the different city districts and the average queue duration of municipalities.

The housing queue is not a single long winding queue, but instead a queue is formed of those who have submitted notices of interest for an advertised apartment. The queue duration primarily determines who is offered an apartment, but also what criteria the property owner imposes on you as a tenant. The criteria may, for example, refer to income, employment, records of non-payment, age, number of people or number of children in the household.