International students

If you are a student or planning to attend a university, college, post-secondary vocational education or higher vocational education in Stockholm you can apply for student housing for the time you study. The number of credits required to rent student housing depends on the requirements set by the landlord. Note that most landlords, not all, require you to have a coordination number. Read about that and other letting requirements in the advertisement.  

You have to be 18 years old to register at Bostadsförmedlingen. The fee is SEK 200 per year. Student housing is allocated on the basis of time spent in the housing queue so the sooner you register, the greater the chance to get an apartment. 

How to register

  1. Fill out, sign this form and take a picture of it.
    Registration form for international students (pdf)
  2. Email it to Bostadsförmedlingen. You will find the email adress in the form. 

How to create a password for your account 

In order to search for vacant apartments you need to create an account with a password. You can create the passord after you have recived a confirmation from us by email informing you are registered at Bostadsförmedlingen.
How to create a password (pdf)

Note that you need to use the same email in your registration form and password account. You also need to confirm your email adress sent to you via email.

How to log in to Mina sidor (My pages)

Once your password is created you can log into Mina sidor at Bostadförmedlingen and start searching for vacant apartments.
How to log in to Mina sidor (pdf).


You will find information on how to pay on Mina sidor.