My pages

My Pages (Mina sidor) is where you can track the apartments in which you have registered an interest. You’ll also find information about your queue time and the annual fee, and you can update your personal details here. You will need to log in to access My Pages.

Logging in

The easiest and most secure way to log in is using the BankID electronic identification system (Bank-ID). If you don’t have access to BankID, you can create an account that allows you to log in using your email address and password.

Log in to keep track of:

Which specific apartments you can register your interest in.

What’s my queue time?

Administer your applications. Both current and past applications.

Annual fee – has it been paid?

You can also update your contact information so that we can easily contact you.

Viewing invitation

If you have one of the longest queue times of the people who have registered an interest in a particular apartment, we will send you a viewing invitation. All the details of the viewing are available on My Pages. After the viewing, you need to log in to My Pages and confirm if you are still interested in the apartment.

Update your details

You can update your personal details, such as your income and contact information. Make sure that we have both your email address and your mobile number so that we can contact you quickly about things like viewings, offers and other important information.

Queue time and fee

You can see your queue time, i.e. how long you have been in the housing queue, on the My Pages start page. You can also see if you have paid your queue fee and when the latest queue fee invoice was sent out.


You can add a co-applicant, i.e. the person you intend to live with, via My Pages. The advantage of adding a co-applicant is that some landlords allow you to combine your incomes. In some cases, a co-applicant may also be allowed to have their name on the contract.