Questions and answers – Student

How do I register?

See our information about international students

How many student apartments are allocated each year?

3 466  student apartments were allocated in 2021.

Who can apply for student housing?

Those who are studying or have an admission certificate to a university, college, post-secondary vocational education and training or higher vocational education in Stockholm county can apply for student apartments. The number of credits required per year varies depending on the requirements set by the landlord. Read the requirements in the advertised apartments.

Can international students apply for student housing without a Swedish personal identity number?

Yes. You can register as a housing applicant with your e-mail address.

How can I apply for student housing?

You have to register as a housing applicant. You then need to access My Pages where you can actively search for and apply for housing.

Can distance education students apply?

No, in order to apply for a student apartment you need to study on site in Stockholm county.

Can I continue living in the apartment after I am done with my studies?

No, you can only stay as long as you are studying. Each term your landlord will check to see if you are studying and  if you intend to continue with your studies.